Fleurs Noires is an all-female, 10-piece orchestra, all of them from Argentina or France. Together, they deliver a vigorous and contemporary Tango that differentiates itself from traditional or Electro Tango.

From Classical and Pop backgrounds, they are able to combine their cultural backgrounds and their respective repertoire's originality. This tango has a strength, which shows the variety of its roots. Fleurs Noires brings back to life the historic line Paris‐Buenos Aires by making the woman condition free in this music, originally made by men.

These young passionate women break with this tradition. Ten musicians are taking us to this wonderful odyssey, which blends class, freshness and audacity!

Since its creation in 2003, the orchestra has performed in national theatres and in prestigious concert halls of France such as the “Théâtre de Suresnes”, the “Théâtre de L’Ouest Parisien de Boulogne-Billancourt”, “Scène national de Vendôme”, the “Théâtre des 3 Pierrots”, the “Théâtre de la Comète” in Châlons-en-Champagne in the context of Alfredo Arias residence in 2007, to name just a few. Which also have taken the group tour tour in Europe and northern part of Africa.

In 2007, the Fleurs Noires presented their debut album New Morning (Milan Records / Universal Distribution France / Warner International) which was in Argentine music album top sales in France and very well has received by press as “Le Nouvel Observateur”, “Le World”, “Cosmopolitan”, etc. Fleurs Noires won the restigious “Gus Viseur Prize” (France) and “Top ten of the World” by Songlines Magazine, England. In 2012, Fleurs Noires released their second album “Salida de emergencia” which was very well received by professionals and experts of the genre , resulting in the creation of the show “Contragolpe” (Second Argentina tour), with the famous contemporary dance company “Tango Kinesis” directed by Ana-Maria Steckelman. Currently, they come to record their third album “A contrafuego” in the innovative line of previous albums. Thistime, the Fleurs Noires experimenting with new possibilities of improvisation in tango codes and the application of more free forms.