If they didn't know better, even the most hardened Queen fans would think that Freddie Mercury himself had risen from the grave back to the stage. That's because there is a band out of Dresden, Germany, that combines unparalleled showmanship and musicianship with a passion for celebrating the music of Queen. It is hard to put in words what magic this music, these melodies create. The musical legacy of Queen is undeniable, and MerQury perfectly revive the beauty and power of Queen with pyrotechnics, elaborate wardrobes and sets, and individual flair. Wherever MerQury have performed, at home or abroad, the brilliant combination of faithful reproduction and ground-shaking innovation has won them an ever-increasing audience over the last twenty years around the world!

It's not for nothing that MerQury is the most sought after Queen-tribute band around.

MerQury brings the biggest hits of Queen to the stage as well as performing extraordinary compositions by Freddie Mercury which are equally exciting for the die-hard Queen fan as for the general audience